Facebook has a problem. That problem is an unusual one: it’s that they simply have too many users who are using their service too much. That might not sound like an issue to you or I (it’s probably a problem we wouldn’t mind ourselves!), but actually, due to the nature of social media marketing, it is something of an issue.

Your ”1,000 True Fans.”

Kevin Kelly is a social media marketer and co-founder of Wired Magazine. He introduced the world to the theory of the ’1,000 real followers, which stated that most social media campaigns only really needed 1,000 real fans. Once you attract these die-hard few, they will then be so enthusiastic as to spread the message for you to the rest of your prospective audience and thus your message will go viral. The ultimate key to this success then is to generate and identify those true fans and then to give them the tools and help necessary to spread the word and take your site into the stratosphere.
The challenge here, is that with so many people in our networks posting so many pictures and stories and all connected to you, how does Facebook know what information to show you? It’s a problem that will only get bigger, and it’s one that is directly related to any business trying to make a splash online. The connection here should be clear – if Facebook is vocally struggling with information overload, then how can you possibly hope to hold out? The good news is that there are ways, it’s just not as easy as it once was (which goes for online business in general, actually). Read on, and we’ll look at some of the top strategies you should be using.

Your Same Level

Another piece of advice is to approach other social media marketers and bloggers that are on the same level as you or just slightly lower regarding social clout. Many people trying to get exposure will attempt to get retweets or shares from big news outlets, but by setting their sights too high, they end up shooting themselves in the foot.
A much smarter strategy is to contact other promoters that are around your level or building up to it. They will stand to gain more from a mutual partnership and may even be excited or honored that you contacted them. Tag them in your message, and your chances of getting spread around increase significantly.

Offer Incentives

Another thing to consider is offering incentives – to both your followers and the other marketers you are hoping will help you spread your message. This is an excellent way to reward customer loyalty and to bring people back to your account to see if there’s anything new. Competitions, and shouting out other people can also help you to get shared more.
Essentially a social media account is like any other product or service business can provide: it’s meant to provide value. If you do that, then you will stand out among the dross!
How to Perform Social Media Marketing in an Oversaturated Market