ZeptoLiner is an easy-to-operate outliner with superb versatility.

Outliners are applications which allow users to organize their ideas systematically. They can be employed in a variety of ways and are primarily utilized by members of the creative industry. Now, thanks to the ZeptoLiner, an outliner has been introduced for both the iPhone and the iPod touch.

Write down your ideas and meeting notes with ZeptoLiner!

Landscape orientation / input support

All ZeptoLiner functions are operational on the iPhone in both the vertical and horizontal orientation. In particular, the large keyboard, which is displayed while the iPhone is held sideways, allows for text to be input with the greatest of ease.

The ZeptoLiner keyboard is fully compatible with all iPhone-supported languages. In Japanese, for example, users can choose their preferred keyboard style from either a ten-key or full key input mode.


Drag and drop

With the drag and drop function, users can change the sequence or level of notes, as well as delete section units. Related notes can be placed on additional levels, allowing revisions with a high degree of efficiency.

Users can also copy and paste rows of text via the COPY and PASTE icons.

If the outline is then sent via email, the level structure of all written notes will be maintained.


Collapse function

Text containing different levels can be exposed or hidden by using the COLLAPSE- and EXPAND icons+.


Adjustable Font Sizes

ZeptoLiner features three different font sizes which can be adjusted to provide users with a bird's-eye view.

This function is the perfect answer for anyone wishing to quickly scan a large amount of text.

To adjust the font size, just tap on the ADJUST FONT SIZE iconA.


Undo and Redo

"Undo" cancels the most recent change, and "Redo" cancels the effect of "Undo."

Incremental search

This is the method to search for and filter progressively only through ZeptoLiner’s notes. As you type text, you will immediately find one or more words matches for the text you put in.

Notes with/out check-boxes

If you need check-boxes on your note, select ON to add them to the note. If you do not, just select OFF.

Importing OPML files

You can import existing files of other outline processor in OPML format to your ZeptoLiner through the website of ZeptoLiner’s OPML Converter, This enable you to edit many documents written with PC/Mac on your iPhone.

OPML Converter

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