Hey, I know why you’re here, I know what you want, free iTunes gift cards. We’ve all been there. You found an excellent game or beautiful song and just as you were about to download it iTunes hits you with the infamous “Insufficient Funds” error. Not only does this mean you can’t get your game/music, it means you have to waste more money on your already expensive iDevice. Nobody wants that, so that’s why I created the “3 step Gift Card” method. Using this method, you can get $15, $25, $50, or even $100 iTunes gift cards daily, absolutely free.

No Way, How is That Possible?

It may appear too good to be real, and in most cases it is. But I can assure you this isn’t one of those cases. I have redeemed over $3500 worth of iTunes card codes using this method. How long I’ve been using it? Two weeks. Of course, not everyone will have this kind of success with it, but you can expect to get at least a few $25 cards your first few days using the method. The method works by working around Apple’s delivery system. By clicking around a bit, viewing some advertiser pages, you can get reserved iTunes gift cards, for free. The advertisers cover the cost of your prize. You can pretty much get anything you want using it, but free iTunes gift cards are one of the more popular choices.Where’s the Proof?

free itunes gift card apple 2016 by AmusedVest

How to Make a Free iTunes Gift Cards

The method is simple. Ensure that you have a working email address, you’ll need it to collect your code.

Step 1: Register

Sign up to this site. We are just using this as a gateway for the free iTunes codes. Create a username, put in your email, and register. Confirm your email address.

Step 2: Earn Points

The site starts you off with 250 points/$2.50. A $25 iTunes card is 2500 points. That can take you 2-10 minutes, depending on how good you are with a computer. You can earn points by visiting sponsored links, watching videos, filling out quick surveys, or playing games. The best way is to do offers such as these.

Step 3: Get a Free iTunes Code

Once you got your coveted amount of points, redeem your code. It’s that simple. You can do this over and over again. Users get hundreds of free iTunes gift cards daily.

Some Reviews:

Veronika K. – Brooklyn, NY

”This is awesome. I needed a code for my in-app money and wanted the $25 one. Got it in 10 minutes. Thanks, guys.”

Giovanni S. – United Kingdom

”This is some cool shit. I wanted a code for my in-app money and wanted the $25 one. Got it in 10 minutes. Thanks, guys.”

Michelle R. – United Kingdom

”I know this is going to seem fangirl-ish, but I needed an iTunes code to download some 1D songs (i love them ok). I got a $25 iTunes code, and it worked! This is so cool!”

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