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I was just sick and tired seeing that I spend hundreds of dollars per year (that does not include the costs of actual games) just to play some games online. So I followed advice from a friend of mine, who told me that it is possible to get unlimited amounts of PSN card codes, by using PSN code generator.

I tried dozens of these so called PS3 code generators, but without any luck. Some generators just gave me some fake text and numbers combinations, while others rarely generated me codes that worked for a very short while. Finally, I found one that was working and gave me free codes to play on PlayStation network that worked successfully!

Why Do I Release It For FREE?

Because I’m a gamer myself, I can guess that many others faced the same problem, that’s why I decided to share my find with others and start this website. Enjoy your PSN code generator online, by clicking on a button below:

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 How to Get a Free Playstation Portable Game Console

Are you tired of gaming consoles which stand in one place with a bunch of inconvenient wires? It’s time to stop this and become the owner of a new, more comfortable portable console. Its name is PSP.

You can get it free on our site.Free PlayStation Portable is available in different colors. Unsophisticated users can be confused about an abundance of various buttons and connectors on it.

In reality, all is not so terrible – with all this variety it is very easy to understand. Ergonomics of the device is on the height. Also, PSP fits nicely in the hands, and there are any problems with the gameplay. Of particular note, is the behavior of the console’s analog stick, which is very unusual for a portable device.

PSP can be used not only for the games. It also can serve as a compact media player (audio quality is high), organizer, GPS-navigator and a photo album. For the consoles, a huge number of diverse software was written, which allows expanding its capabilities. It can update the firmware.

Free PlayStation Portable can work with disks of the UMD format, with a capacity of 1.8 GB.The battery of PSP depends on the game that you play, and it can range from 3 to 5 hours. No more than 5 hours you have, watching your movies. Well, if you use this console only for listening to music, the time increases to 7-8 hours.

If it is used very actively, it makes sense to add an extra battery immediately.In spite of its compact size, PlayStation Portable provides a high level of graphics. A console is equipped with a sufficiently large widescreen display with a ratio of 16:9.

When the adapter is working the level of brightness is 200 cd/m2, when it is working on the battery – 180 cd/m2. So,  PSP is the best portable gaming console with the ability to watch video and jpeg files, music, that can access the Internet.

PlayStation Network Code Generator Online For Console