Social media is now a bigger deal than ever before, and it is estimated that 2 billion souls will soon have an online presence on one or other of the platforms that are an everyday part of modern life. Whether you love a bit of Tweeting or having your status update shared with your online pals, it is apparent that privacy is not an issue for many of us these days. But did you know that there is a profession who love to learn about our every move, and they make a tidy living out of these seemingly trivial facts that are on display for all and sundry? We’re not talking about house breakers here, no we are discussing the very real connection that exists between social media and private detectives.

Personal Details

As soon as we start creating a personal or business profile on social media accounts, we are initiating up a can of worms that could be used to incriminate us on a global scale. You are urged to enter as much information as you can. Apparently, this will make your online presence more complete and easier to sort in the long run. What is happening is that you are being profiled and even an amateur private eye can manipulate this data with apparent ease. You are already letting big brother know where you live and how old you are, you might even be telling them where you were schooled and where you are working.


Thanks to Facebook’s current location setting that we all seem to love changing whenever we go on vacation or perhaps a working trip occurs, this is also going to tell certain people exactly where we are at a particular time. Hey, even burglars can use this information to plan a little visit to our empty homes. The dilemma with social media is that we never really know who else is sharing our status details.


Here is another very sociable feature that allows others to take a snap of us when we’re supposed to be out and about, and they’ll post the slides on any profile they wish. The problem is that our tagging will show up on our profile plus whoever wishes to see the incriminating evidence. Many a divorce case has been finalized by a few wayward tagging snaps take late at night in a supposedly friendly location.

Checking in – FourSquare

We just love to share our popularity with all and sundry and now, thanks to FourSquare we can crank up this factor wherever there’s a check-in desk. So much for a quiet night out with the boys or girls. Once these details are shared knowledge, it’s almost impossible to delete the evidence.

Common Sense?

Apart from swearing off social media for the rest of our lives, are there any ways to lessen the odds of being caught out by these traps above? You could use your brains a little more and restrict who can view your status updates and also vet your ‘friends’ a lot more thoroughly. But in the end, these investigators will always be able to use your social media details to catch you in the act. So be a real boy and girl, and you just may prove too tedious to show up on their radar.
Private Investigators and Social Media